TIMMINS -- Mount Jamieson Resort in Timmins is looking at new opportunities such as an alpine skier at freshly-fallen powder after the majority of Timmins City Council recently decided to forgive an outstanding loan to the tune of $150,000.

"It’s not chump change for the taxpayers okay," said Councillor Joe Campbell. "There are several organizations that struggle in this town to make their payments, including the Timmins Rock, at times. My theory on this is they could renegotiate since they paid their tax bill."

But the mayor and other councillors want to help Mount Jamieson's board of directors since it has paid off its $195,000 in tax arrears. And although it has yet to be officially announced, Timmins Mayor George Pirie said the resort is receiving pandemic relief funding and subsidies from the federal and provincial governments.

"Give the resort a chance to start this process new," Pirie said. "Build a reserve and, hopefully, never have to go to the city again to require any improvement."

With the books in better shape, the resort's new board of directors has a strategic plan in place.

"This new lease on life is going to allow us to pursue grants in good faith, and moving forward with the community backing us of course, it’s just going to be some exciting opportunities for the hill. Not only for that wintertime but year-round as well," said Cameron Grant, the resort's board chairperson.

By way of thanking the council for writing off the loan, the board is giving Sports for Kids Timmins, five resort passes for children in need.