A couple of women from Montreal were arrested and charged in Timmins after trying to operate what police say is a growing scam.

The Timmins Chamber Of Commerce says “quick change” scams are something business owners need to be watching for.

It's a disturbingly simple scheme, would-be scammers look to purchase small items with large bills, working to confuse the cashier as change is given, pocketing a little extra.

A scheme police say they are seeing more often, as recently as last weekend, which has prompted them to alert local businesses.

"The amount of money that these individuals can gain from this type of scam can be upwards of thousands of dollars, so they do request, typically a large amount of money to either be changed or purchase an item." said Kate Cantin of the Timmins Police Service.

In this case, two large retail stores were targeted, but police say cashiers shouldn't be afraid to ask for help.

"The cashier can always direct them to a bank to get that change. They can have an employee stand by while they complete the transaction, to have two sets of eyes." said Cantin.

This scam is only one of many currently in use around the province, prompting the local Chamber of Commerce to remind area businesses to be vigilant.  Nick Stewart is with the Timmins Chamber of Commerce and says if you feel something is not right, the police will be able to help.

"The Timmins Police Service, they're really the experts on this particular topic and they're usually much more aware of what's happening in the community, what particular scams are more prevalent than others." said Stewart.

Police say these scammers often target younger or more inexperienced cashiers. They advise workers to only complete one transaction at a time, and as always, if they suspect they are being scammed, to inform the police.