TIMMINS -- The Timmins Police Service says the benefits of making and sticking to a business plan has proven to be a worthwhile endeavour for its organization.  The Service receives a fixed amount of money every year and police administration uses the plan as a guide to determine the best way to spend it.

A new three year plan was recently approved by its board and contains many highlights members of the public will actually see.

"We’ve seen the value in making a plan, sticking to it, and moving forward on previous accomplishments as well as building on our enhancements so we’re better able to provide the maximum amount of policing service for the fewest dollars possible," said Marc Depatie, communications coordinator for the Timmins Police Service.

Over the past few years, the Timmins Police Service has had to pivot to address complex social issues such as addiction, mental health, and cultural awareness in the community.

"A big push that we have is ultimately an approach of having boots on the ground," said Timmins Police Inspector Darren Dinel.  "Our technology advancements are limiting the administrative duties that the officers have to do in the office."

This frees them up to walk the beat or engage in committees and partnerships with other people in the community, explained Dinel.

 Officials said the general public might not see all of the committee work officers do, but people will see things like new police vehicles--the service is switching out cruisers for SUVs.

As well, people don't get to see the new equipment drug officers now use to process dangerous illicit drugs like carfentanyl but officials say they will eventually notice more security cameras in strategic locations in the city, and officers changing up their uniforms to include the wearing of ball caps.