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Timmins police offering online reporting, auctions


The Timmins Police Service (TPS) announced last week the launch of Online Incident Reporting, a new software platform that allows residents to report non-emergency situations anytime, from anywhere and that is moving from in-person to online auctions.

Online reporting

The Timmins Police Service has launched Online Incident Reporting, a new software platform that allows residents to report non-emergency situations anytime, from anywhere. (Supplied/Timmins Police Service)

The police service says online reporting will modernize how non-emergency crimes such as property theft, vandalism, and dangerous driving are reported in Timmins, Ont. making it easier, faster and more efficient for residents to contribute to community safety.

The reporting platform was developed in partnership with Rubicon, a Canadian public safety technology company.

Online reporting allows the public to report non-emergency incidents directly via smartphone or computer, reducing the burden on emergency and non-emergency lines and allowing the police to allocate resources more effectively to emergency responses and high-priority cases.

TPS said that each concern reported through the platform is documented and reviewed.

The tool can be accessed from the police service’s website by selecting “online reporting” from the upper menu bar.

Acting police chief Dennis Lavoie said the software will make the community safer. The system reduces pressure on emergency communication lines and empowers residents to play a role.

“We believe that projects like this showcase what innovation brings to the table to help decrease operational costs and maximize efficiencies while increasing the functionality and responsiveness,” he said in a news release.

TPS said online incident reporting can improve its understanding of local safety concerns and by identifying trends in minor incidents, the service can take proactive measures to prevent more serious crimes.

“Our partnership with Rubicon for the online incident reporting system underscores our dedication to leveraging technology to enhance public safety and service efficiency,” reads the news release.

The user-friendly interface is accessible around the clock. The software splits the reporting process into three simple steps: select the incident type, choose the relevant category for the incident and fill out the report. After submitting residents will then obtain an email confirmation of their report, with follow-ups as needed.

For emergencies, the Timmins police are reminding the public to continue to dial 911.

For more information about the online reporting or to file a report, click here.

Online police auctions

Following the trend with other police services, the Timmins Police Service is moving its in-person auctions to a digital format. (Supplied/Timmins Police Service)

Following the trend with other police services, TPS is moving its in-person auctions to a digital format.

The service has created a Facebook Group called ‘Timmins Police Service Auctions’ its main social media page on the platform.

Individuals must accept the group's rules to request to join the group and once accepted will be able to bid on items online.

TPS said it plans to start posting items for online auction by the middle of June.

“(We) want to give people a chance to join the group before items are posted,” reads Friday’s news release.

All types of personal property come into the possession of TPS throughout the year and the service is required to dispose of this property by public auction in accordance with the Police Services Act.

"All items are either seized as offence-related property or turned in by members of the public as found items," said police in an FAQ on their social media page.

"We are required to keep all items for 90 days before listing them for auction."

The service said that property will be posted on Fridays and auctions will run for seven days with bids accepted in $1 intervals.

Winners will be informed by a public comment and will have seven days to pick up their property at the Timmins Police Service Building on Spruce Street South.

The police auctions allow TPS to keep its property room clear and the proceeds generated are used for any purpose the Timmins Police Services Board deems in the public interest.

To join the group, visit the TPS Facebook page, choose ‘more’ and click the groups tab to find the Timmins Police Service Auctions group or click here.

Last month, TPS also launched the CAMsafe program in Timmins allowing residents and business that have security or other video cameras on their properties to register their cameras to a database to allow investigators to reach out for footage in the event of criminal activity in the area. Top Stories

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