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Timmins police make $360K drug bust, two suspects arrested


A Timmins police investigation into a violent break and enter in early April turned up more than anticipated, leading to a drug bust totalling more than $360,000 in illicit drugs.

What began as a search for four suspects who broke into a Birch Street North residence, sending a man to hospital, led to a larger investigation.

A female suspect in the case was arrested at a traffic stop with illegal substances in her possession. A male suspect in the case was later arrested at another traffic stop, also in possession of drugs.

Investigators and the police service's drug unit then searched a residence on Joseph Street and cars they believed were used by the suspects.

That's when police discovered a large stash of deadly drugs, firearm ammunition and just more than $6,000 in Canadian cash.

Police found more than 9,000 methamphetamine tablets, 500 grams of crystal meth, 350 grams of fentanyl, 300 opioid tablets and smaller amounts of cocaine, oxycodone, black market cannabis and magic mushrooms

Police said it's likely a stand-alone operation.

"As far as we know, it's not part of a larger syndicate," said Staff Sgt. Mark Vallier.

Communications coordinator Marc Depatie said the arrests take large amounts of lethal substances off the streets of Timmins.

While likely a Timmins-based operation, Depatie said police know that the drug supply can come to the city from other communities and make their way to northern Ontario.

"We do have other investigations ongoing with other agencies, lending a hand, providing their expertise ... so that we can combat the drug problem in the Timmins area as best we can," Depatie said.

Information on any drug activity is the key to tackling the illicit market, he added, so people with tips are urged to contact the Timmins police station or report information anonymously through Crime Stoppers. Top Stories

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