TIMMINS -- After receiving a high number of complaints about drivers speeding, the Timmins police traffic unit set up in the area of concern.

It's unusual for the weather to be nice and spring-like, and roads snow-free in Timmins at this time of year.

Police said the conditions of the stretch of Highway 101 between South Porcupine and Schumacher, have tempted drivers to pick up their pace.

“Speed is linked to a number of collisions that we deem to be preventable and they resulted in personal injury -- some very serious -- so ultimately the responsibility lies with the individual driver," said Marc Depatie, communications coordinator for the Timmins Police Service.

Depatie said over an eight-hour period on Friday, two Timmins police traffic officers set themselves up to patrol the area and issued 25 speeding tickets.

“If an offence notice is issued and that person fails to pay the fine, that person's licence is suspended so ultimately the collection of the fine is inherent upon the driver to take whatever steps are necessary to guarantee that they still have a driver's license," said Depatie.

Impaired driving also a concern

Police described another form of aggressive driving as impaired driving. This is National Impaired Driving Prevention Week and the Government of Canada is reminding people about the consequences of impaired driving, whether due to alcohol, drugs, fatigue or distraction.

“It remains the leading cause of criminal death and injury in Canada and for survivors and loved ones affected by a vehicle crash, the pain and suffering can last a lifetime," said Bill Blair, federal Minister of Public Safety.

"Year after year, even in this pandemic, too many people continue to make the wrong choice, to drive when they are in no condition to do so."

Blair said drug-impaired driving offences are up across the country -- nearly a thousand more in 2018 compared to 2017.

Timmins police agree. They say so far this year, 16 people have been charged with impaired driving.