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Timmins police chief updates recruitment efforts after more officers resign


In a meeting Thursday with the Timmins Police Services Board, the chief of police in Timmins read out the names of three officers who are leaving, some for other agencies, others for different careers.

And one long-serving special constable is retiring.

“People have different priorities, they want to relocate to other locations and for us, it’s very important to make sure that we have a plan in place," said Chief Dan Foy.

"And our plan in terms of recruitment is going very well … We hired five a few weeks ago, we have several interviews underway including officers with experience and some new officers.”

When employees leave the Timmins Police Service, they're asked if they'd like to conduct an exit interview to give administration insight into their decisions.

“So it’s important that the board have some discussions on the exit interviews and hears all the reasons that are at play," said board member Steve Black.

"We know there’s various circumstances for people leaving, whether they’re going to join the OPP or relocating or leaving policing as a whole.

“It’s good for us to have those discussions and see if there’s internal issues that we need to address as well as some of the external factors that go into people changing careers.”

Foy said the province's decision to waive Ontario Police College tuition fees is helping. They are receiving more inquiries and applicants can save more than $15,000.

In March, Timmins police offered to reimburse the fees and is happy the province has stepped up to pay that that bill.

Foy said some experienced officers are applying due to the $36,000 signing bonus. In fact, one begins work next month. Top Stories

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