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Timmins police chief reports success from extra foot patrols over the summer

At a recent police services board meeting, Timmins police Chief Dan Foy shared the results of a summertime initiative that helped curb crime in the city.

“So overall this was an employee-driven project suggested by our employees and supported by supervisors and the administration and it turned out to be a very positive initiative," said Foy.

In the past few months, nine officers agreed to work overtime during the nighttime hours to help keep the city safe.

Foy said there could be a correlation between the extra effort and why property crime statistics for the month of July compared to last year at the same time dropped by 23 per cent.

“We came across doors that were unlocked and addressed that," said Foy.

"On more than one occasion we came across crimes that were in progress and our officers arrested people and processed them.”

The chief said the officers logged around 100 hours, putting in four or five extra hours a night.

It's an initiative he said he would revisit. In the meantime, he said officers conduct foot patrols during their regular shifts whenever they can.

He added that other areas requiring some extra attention in the coming months include working with community partners to address the increase in the number of social disorder calls and traffic violations in the city. Top Stories

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