There wasn’t much left of Mason Charbonneau's lunch bag after a bear got to it.

Charbonneau woke up Monday morning to his neighbour telling him to take a look outside.

"When I looked outside the window, I saw my car door was totally wide opened. There was a pizza box that got taken out; there was my lunch pail from work that's completely shredded now." Said Charbonneau.

Charbonneau admits he left his car unlocked, so he's not surprised the bear got in his car. The bear also bent the side mirror, tracked sand into the vehicle and even left some fur behind.

The ministry of natural resources and forestry says absolutely, a bear can figure out a way into a car.

"Bears are opportunistic eaters and very intelligent animals. They will topple bird feeders, ransack barbecues, raid garbage cans and even try to enter buildings or vehicles if they smell something tasty." Said Karen Passmore, MNRF.

Bears have been active all around Northern Ontario this spring. The Timmins police service says it has received 22 bear calls in May alone.

"So if the bear is posing an immediate threat to somebody's safety then that's when 911 should be called. Otherwise, if it's simply a bear sighting then people can call the MNRF Bearwise hotline." Said Kate Cantin, Timmins police service.

Other residents were targeted in this trailer park last night. Charbonneau says it's not the first time he has had bears in his yard.

"Last year, I had a bear come up to my patio door because my dog was barking so they've made themselves comfortable so why not, a car, a front door, what's the difference." Said Charboneau.

It seems the one thing Monday night's visitor did not like though are green olives. As they were clearly picked off and left behind.