He was a long time broadcaster, once the mayor, and a city councillor in Timmins for years. 

And now, Michael Doody is being honoured as the local museum renames part of its building after him.

Before adjourning for the final time in its current term, there was one last order of business for the outgoing Timmins City Council, putting Mike Doody's name on the local museum building.

“It's a tremendous honour to do that and I certainly appreciate the mayor and city council." said Doody.

He has served on council for a total of 35 years since 1971, including a stint as mayor in the late 70's.

Doody was also a founding board member of the museum, as well as the Timmins Economic Development Corporation, which takes up much of the other side of the building.

“I think that's a very suitable building, housing both those organizations now to recognize his long-standing contributions and the passion he had for both those organizations and the City of Timmins.” said outgoing Mayor Steve Black.

“The City of Timmins has produced many people who have big hearts. They step forward to volunteer for all kinds of projects and this was a great project, the community came together, that we have, and we're very fortunate.” said Doody.

“Everybody knows Mike Doody. So, I think it's just fitting that his long service to the community is being recognized in this way." said Timmins Museum director Karen Bachmann.

When Doody moved to Timmins back in 1959 to pursue a broadcasting career, he said his plan was to stay only a couple years before moving on.

All these years later, he's still there and now his legacy will live on for generations to come thanks to the soon-to-be named Michael J.J. Doody Centre of Excellence.