More and more businesses are installing self-checkouts in their stores.

In Timmins, they're in a local grocery store, McDonald’s, Home Depot and Walmart.    

Some people find them convenient, but the mayor is not a fan.

In fact, Steve Black is telling people not to use them. He recently suggested on his Facebook page that people should avoid them.

"Self-check-outs are just one of those ones that take away jobs," said Black.

"I understand a lot of those businesses are having challenges finding employees as well and keeping them in.  We see the hiring signs on some of them for weeks, so they're trying to do business and accommodate that as well. I appreciate that. It's just that I make the personal choice to go through the checkouts with the cashiers when I'm there."

The Timmins Chamber of Commerce said businesses are moving to self-checkouts because they’re having trouble keeping staff.

"Pretty much all our businesses have this as their number one problem, next to energy rates," said Nick Stewart, Timmins Chamber of Commerce director of policy and communications.

“Anything they can use to resolve that particular issue is something they're going to take advantage of."

Some people in Timmins CTV spoke with expressed differing views.

"I think they're good for people who like to go in fast and come out fast and I like using them."

"I think they're handing if you're in a hurry, but it also takes away the personalization that chit chat. It's nice to have that."

"Mostly afraid that I’m going to make a mistake and I’ll get blamed for it, so I’d rather go through a cash where they will scan everything and this way nothing goes missing"

Clearly, self-checkouts generate mixed views. 

Whether one prefers using them or not, it appears they are here to stay and we could see them in more retail locations.