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Timmins hospital creates room for staff to decompress during stressful shifts

A new room with a view, in a private location, will give nurses and other staff at the Timmins and District Hospital a place to go when they need to support their mental health.

Equipped with massage chairs, snacks and places to sit and reflect, the calm environment is already achieving its purpose on its opening day.

“I think it’s really great that they’re taking care of their employees," said Karissa Picotte, a CT and X-Ray technologist.

"Mental health and relaxation is such a big part of health care that we just don’t make time for.”

Timmins and District Hospital Foundation officials said the last few years have taught them about the immense importance of self-care.

“And now that we’re ... slowly releasing ourselves from that COVID environment, this definitely was a focus of showing where there was need for the support of nurses," said Barb McCormick, manager of donor relations.

The hospital's funding partner for the initiative is the RBC Foundation. It gave $10,000 to the foundation in recognition of National Nursing Week.

“It’s just a place where they can go to decompress, relax, refocus, and just enjoy being with each other," said Mike Resetar, vice-president of people and director of operations.

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“We also have resources available in the room, as well.”

National Nursing Week is designed to create awareness of the many contributions the profession makes to the well-being of Canadians.

But Timmins nursing officials are quick to say they're part of a team that has 950 members here, plus physicians. Top Stories

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