TIMMINS -- Amidst a rise in community complaints of illegal garbage dumping on social media, Timmins City Council decided at its latest meeting that action was needed.

That's why the fine for dumping trash anywhere other than a landfill has now jumped from $300 to $1,000.

City Clerk Steph Palmateer said it's intended to add more pressure for people to properly dispose of their appliances, furniture, and miscellaneous garbage.

"With this increased exposure, council felt it was time to make the change and increase the fines and see if we can't crack down and stop this behaviour," Palmateer said.

It's not a new issue, he said, but one that's become more apparent with people dumping in well-travelled areas that couldn't be ignored by passers-by.

Along with the fine hike, Palmateer said police and bylaw patrols are ramping up.

"We're hoping ... that people will stop that, knowing that there's a greater chance that they may be caught," he said.

"If we have to do some investigating to catch these people, we're more than prepared to do that as well."

The Timmins Police Service's communications coordinator, Marc Depatie, said one of the most notorious areas for illegal dumping is Pine Street South.

What's perplexing, he said, is the fact that the Deloro Landfill is located along that road. Depatie reasons that some of the issues include people who may attempt to dump trash there after hours, then leave it on the ground when they realize the landfill is closed.

He said it's been a long-time nuisance for residents.

"The persons who reside in that area are significantly affected by this type of activity," Depatie said. "We are aware of their concerns, we are addressing it as best we can, in conjunction ... with the bylaw enforcement officers."

People will also find that riding bicycles on downtown sidewalks and busking on city property without a permit will find it more expensive to do so as well.

Palmateer said those were among bylaws that were due for a fine increase.

Here are bylaws that now have increased fines:

  • Deposit a motorized vehicle on lands owned by the City of Timmins - $1,000
  • Deposit garbage on lands owned by the city - $1,000
  • Deposit a motorized vehicle on privately owned lands - $300
  • Deposit garbage on privately owned lands - $300
  • Remove material placed out for city refuse collection - $300
  • Foul lands owned by the city - $1,000
  • Provide service for a fee from public property without prior authorization - $150
  • Provide products at no charge from public property without prior authorization - $150
  • Busk on public property without prior authorization -$150
  • Block or interfere with the passage of a pedestrian on a city sidewalk - $150
  • Ride a bicycle over a sidewalk within the Downtown Business Improvement Area - $150
  • Ride a bicycle on the property of the Timmins Public Library - $150
  • Ride a motorized vehicle in a municipal park - $500