TIMMINS -- A Timmins fitness instructor has discovered the pandemic is bringing her more personal attention than she ever could imagine thanks to the Internet and the wonderful world of Disney.

As COVID-19 came crashing down on the fitness industry, Emily Thorne decided the pandemic wasn't going to hold her back, even though she moved back home from downtown Toronto into her parents' basement.

She decided to offer more of her signature HIIT Hop fitness classes online.

"I've got some weights, like, why don't I just do a workout at home and I'll livestream it," said Thorne, founder of emkfit. "If people want to join in, they can join in."

Her online presence took a new turn a couple of months ago, when YouTuber and friend, Alessa Dufresne, made a creative proposal.

Thorne said Dufresne is known as 'That Disney Girl' and she asked Thorne if she could do a HIIT Hop workout to Disney music.

"I was like sure, I mean why not?" said Thorne. "I'm bored, I've got nothing else to do. We figured it would probably get a couple hundred views ... it kind of blew up in our faces."

"I didn't think anyone would ever think to YouTube Disney Workout," Dufresne said in a Skype interview. "Like, who would do that?"

Combined, the two videos they've produced have garnered more than a million views.

"I think the most shocking thing was not only was I getting people off the couch that are used to going to the gym every day ... but we were getting people off the couch who had never worked out in their life," said Thorne.

"I think it was the perfect motivational sort of workout that people were looking for and it's just super fun," said Dufresne. "I think the Disney music helps elevate it to that level of fun plus, like I said, the moves are great and easy and they definitely make you sweat."

At a time when the world seems turned upside down, these two women are showing they're not waiting around, they're making their own dreams come true.

Check out one of the videos here.