TIMMINS -- A Timmins couple in their nineties are celebrating seventy-five years of wedded bliss.  Raymond and Theresa Taylor were married on June 5, 1946.

They continue to live together in the home they built more than fifty years ago.  They have six children, eleven grandchildren, and five great grandchildren.  

Ray drove a beer truck for forty-four years while Theresa had a few different work experiences including a Tupperware business and helping people train for new jobs.  

They say they've had many ups and downs like any couple does, but they stuck it out.

Ray said for people thinking of calling it quits, they "better make a compromise and stay together if they can."

Theresa recalled a time when she ran home to her mom at one point and her mother told her, "to go home you’re married now. Go back to your husband."

Their children organized a COVID-safe 'drive-by' for their parents to help celebrate the occasion on Saturday.