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Timmins artists offer to rent their original works


Susan Tesluk and Dale Morrish say that beautiful artwork should not break the bank.

This week, they launched a new business in Timmins that allows businesses to rent original paintings.

Their creations join a long list of things available to rent in the city, including heavy equipment and superheroes -- just to name a few.

“I think art adds a pop of colour to any space, and it creates a vibrancy that you could use art instead of doing a complete rental and then you could change it every two months -- our rental period is two months,” said Tesluk.

“We've come up with a rather inexpensive way for people to display our artwork,” said Morrish.

“And I know right now it's Susan and myself, but who's to say in the future we're not going to bring a lot more local artists into this idea.”

They said the concept is new for this part of the province. They said similar art rental opportunities are available in Vancouver and Ottawa. They hope this venture will be a way to build a positive sense of community.

“Businesses can show off their local artists and in a way that they're proud and people get to see what Timmins can do,” said Morrish.

“We have a Facebook page: NOAR--Northern Original Art Rentals, and you go there to start. Give us a call and we'd be happy to consult with you,” said Tesluk.

Renting high-quality pieces full of these painters’ hearts and souls is a way to make more love go around the community.

However, the service is not available to the residential sector at this time. Top Stories


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