SUDBURY -- As the extreme weather continues across northeastern Ontario, some residents in Temiskaming Shores are still cleaning up after hail damaged dozens of homes in a thunderstorm over the weekend.

The for-sale sign on the Birch family's house on Dawson Point Road in the community of New Liskeard had just gone up Saturday only to be taken down less than 24 hours later due to the extensive exterior damage caused by the violent summer storm.

Tracy DeLenardo-Birch said after a month and a half of working on the home every day, her yard was finally perfect as she had picked up the last pinecone out of the driveway at 9 p.m., and by 10:15, it was "total destruction."

"We were just in shock," said DeLenardo-Birch. "I couldn't believe it."

The homeowner said the siding was "smashed to smithereens" and that even the hard trim around the windows will have to be changed because of the hail.

A drone that was scheduled to fly over the house the next morning as part of the real estate listing was cancelled, and the home was taken off the market. The Birch family was hoping to build a new house on Lake Temiskaming in the fall and plans to relist once repairs are complete.

DeLenardo-Birch said the vehicles that were in the driveway sustained lots of little dents because of the hail as well.

Restoration experts in the area say they have had an influx of calls from the neighbourhood due to the storm and are busy with site visits to determine the extent of the damages.

Patrick Rivard of First General Temiskaming said because of the pandemic, there is a delay for some materials because many suppliers are still not up to full capacity. He says he is seeing a lot of damage to siding, fascia, soffit, roofing and windows.

The contractor said they are working to prioritize restoration jobs to ensure safety and prevent any further damage.

"Don't get stressed that the contractor can't get to (the job) right away," said Rivard. "It is out of everyone's control."

The Birch family is waiting on an estimate of the damage but is glad they have insurance coverage.