SUDBURY -- Thorneloe University in Sudbury is bringing two different perspectives with their latest play, The Shape of Things.

The production is set to hit the stage for the first time on March 5 with two different versions of their winter mainstage play using differing sexual perspectives.

Half of the shows will be done from a heterosexual perspective and the other half from a pansexual perspective.

"This is what our society now is looking like. I thought 'you know, it’s really important that audiences have the opportunity.' It’s kind of a mind-expanding exercise if you will," said director Lorne Pardy.

Each version has a completely different cast but follows the same storyline. The play focuses on the nature and subjectivity of art and society’s obsession with beauty and image according to Pardy.

The story follows the character Evelyn as she "plucks out" either Adam or Alex, depending on the version, and as Pardy says "creates him [/her] anew – like a work of art."  

Nina Cochrane, the actress who plays Alex in the pansexual version of the play, says by having two different versions it allows more people to relate to the play.

"Both of them have mostly the same lines, but they hit different parts of an audience's heart. And I think it’s a really, really good idea," said Cochrane.

Pardy says he hopes that most people will make time to see both versions of the play.

The "Straight up" version will open March 5 and run March 6 and 7 at 8 p.m.

Alexandre Fishbein-Ouimette, the actor who plays Adam in the "Straight up" version, says he believes it’s important to showcase both perspectives.

"In this day and age where people are becoming more open about coming out and everything, I think understanding how people could love each other in different ways is important," said Fishbein-Ouimette.

The pansexual version of the play will open March 12 and run March 13 and 14 at 8 p.m.