NORTH BAY -- It's a happy ending for 11 puppies in North Bay known as the "Miracle Puppies."

Last August, 11 abandoned newborn puppies were found near a dumpster. All of the puppies were adopted and now have forever homes.

One year later, the owners got together to celebrate the puppies' birthday and also reflect on how they have a second chance at life.

"They know each other and remember each other. They're amazing animals," said Sully's owner Darlene Sacher.

"They're smart and witty."

Full of energy, Forrest, Theo, Joey, and Sully are certainly enjoying the dog days of summer. These four brothers share a special bond.

"Based on their condition, their eyes were still closed and they still had their umbilical cords," said North Bay & District Humane Society Executive Director Liam Cullin.

"It was clear they were less than 24 hours old."

All 11 puppies are now thriving in homes in Huntsville, near New Liskeard and all across North Bay.

Victoria Desfossés and her mom Sylvie Demers adopted one of the puppies named Joey.

"My mom was so devastated when she heard the news," said Desfossés.

"How could somebody put those puppies beside a dumpster? Once they were ready to adopt, she was right on top of the ball."

The owners got together to hold a special birthday bash this weekend to re-unite the puppy siblings and their foster mother for the first time since their adoption.

"It was a pretty amazing feeling, I'm not going to lie," said Theo's owner Julie Beauchamp.

"It was almost something out of a movie. It felt so natural and they all got along so great."

When the humane society announced on social media the puppies were found, staff were inundated with over 150,000 calls offering to help feed, foster and take care of them.

Dozens of people donated money and one person had a mother dog available to feed the young pups.

"They deserved a second chance," said Demers.

"Now, our message is we want people to adopt."

The owners say they feel like a large family thanks to their dogs and plan to meet every august to celebrate the puppies' second chance at life.

A miracle to say the least.