SUDBURY -- The condition of the roads is something that many drivers are concerned with and CAA has just released its list of worst roads in the region and province.

Submissions are made by the public every year and the not-for-profit auto club says it is designed to "spark a dialogue with governments and to help pave the way for safer roads across Ontario."

Once the votes are tallied the lists of the top 10 worst roads both provincially and regionally are released.

The top five worst roads in northern Ontario, which includes the districts of Algoma, Cochrane, Kenora, Manitoulin, Nipissing, Parry Sound and Sudbury:

  1. Algonquin Boulevard West in Timmins
  2. Algonquin Boulevard East in Timmins
  3. Barrydowne Road in Greater Sudbury
  4. Lasalle Boulevard in Greater Sudbury
  5. Fielding Road and Lorne Street in Greater Sudbury tied for fifth

The top 10 worst roads in Ontario's north and east region:

  1. Third Avenue West in North Bay
  2. Gardenvale Road in Ottawa
  3. Montreal Road in Ottawa
  4. Mulvihill Road in Ottawa
  5. Tokio Street in Thunder Bay
  6. Barrydowne Road in Greater Sudbury
  7. Montee Outaouais in Clarence-Rockland
  8. Loggers Way in Ottawa
  9. Mountbatten Avenue in Ottawa
  10. Falaise Road in Ottawa

One road in northern Ontario made the provincial top 10 list, Algonquin Boulevard West in Timmins came in at Number 9.

Read the full list here.

The lists are verified by the Ontario Road Builders' Association.