Constable Enzo Rizzi and his partner Constable Christopher Labreche can vividly recall the moment they saw 15-year old Aiyana Louis in the back of a van, just after a collision.

"I remember Chris yelling things at me like 'you gotta get the air ways open' but we knew we couldn't move her. Chris reassured me that we had to do something, so moved her head over a little bit, pulled back on her left shoulder and she started breathing," said Rizzi.

"We can train and train for these types of things but it’s something that you can never prepare for until you are actually faced with it," added Labreche.

"It’s something, that in this situation, we were fortunate because Enzo is an experienced officer and we were able to gain on each other's trust and experience and get through this situation with a positive outcome."

Now, almost one week his daughter was involved in a three vehicle crash, Aiyana's dad, Kevin, is speaking out. He says the actions of Rizzi and Labreche saved his daughter's life. She is currently recovering in Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto.

"The few seconds from the accident to the time he (Rizzi) found her were crucial," said Kevin Louis.

"With the help of his partner (Labreche) and obviously by the time the EMS came it was like those seconds counted. We look at all those factors and I call that divine intervention because there was an angel there that day. "

"Kevin and I spoke on the phone a couple of times it was great news, especially the night after when he told me that his daughter was out of a coma. I gotta tell you I was quite surprised and overwhelmed by the good news he was giving us," Rizzi explained.

Louis says it's important to recognize the first responders responsible for saving his daughter's life.

That's why he's going to nominate them for the community and police awards. Those awards are handed out every year in May.