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The zipper is back: Early start to road construction season in Sudbury


City officials in Sudbury say construction season started early this year thanks to the warm weather this spring.

Two bridge projects are underway, including work on bridge repairs along Municipal Road 35 between Big Nickel Road and the Lasalle extension, closing one lane in each direction.

City officials said rehabilitation work has also started on the west side of the Paris Street Bridge, closing two lanes with one lane open in both directions.

The city said it recognizes the traffic impact and has some advice for drivers.

“So what we suggest is that you use the zipper merge technique,” said David Shelsted, City of Greater Sudbury director of engineering services.

“That is the best way so that everybody gets the waits in line the same amount of time and it’s actually more efficient for going through that and it will minimize traffic impacts.”

City officials said work on both bridge projects is expected to last throughout the construction season.

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