TIMMINS – As part of Small Business Week in Timmins, there was a session held by human resource professionals that was designed for bosses.

The message was about how as technology changes the way we work, relationships with employees become more important.

Experts say we have to pay close attention to the human elements of our work place.

"There's just too much information out there now… they talk about artificial intelligence and all of those things… jobs are changing, everything is changing. Connection between people is more important than ever," explained Lisa Wilson, Human Resources Consultant.

Wilson offered business managers tips on how to develop an emotional connection with employees, as well as how to better deal with issues in the workplace.

Managers from the Golden Manor Nursing Home say they walked away with new techniques to use with their staff.

"I think now, interacting with employees, you have to be creative. There are more than one means of reaching your staff and you have to figure out what's going to work best for them and be your most effective means of communication," said Carol Halt, Golden Manor Administrator.

And Wilson says building that positive relationship with employees is particularly important in northern Ontario's close-knit communities.

"We treat people differently here. Because… I happen to be a curler… so even if I work with someone, I might see them on the curling rink. So, I'm not going to treat them poorly at work because I have to go and be friends with them on the curling rinks. So we have a bit of a different world here in that way," she explained.

But Wilson says it's equally important to take care of yourself as a boss.

She says if you're burnt out at work and your leadership suffers, that will affect the rest of the workplace.