A new city council was also sworn in Tuesday night in Timmins.

George Pirie is officially the new mayor of Timmins and he says he's eager to get down to business.

His inaugural speech included some big promises to move the city in new directions.

He and four of the eight elected councillors are new to municipal politics. Some are younger than most who've served over the years and the swearing in ceremony is a highlight for many.

"It was very exciting.  I felt a rush of emotions that I wasn't expecting, so that was good." said Michelle Boileau.

"The youth is passionate. They're obviously in it for a reason and they want to be a part of the city of Timmins and have jumped in." said Pirie.

In his inaugural speech, Mayor Pirie wasted no time in outlining his priorities for the next four years, and homelessness is top on the list.

"First initiative is getting a task force together that's going to solve the warming centre; get a warming centre put in place." said Pirie.

The new mayor also wants Timmins to become a model community when addressing mutual issues between Indigenous and non-Indigenous residents.  He suggests working to expand partnerships at the Timmins Airport; rehabilitate the city's park system; establish a youth advisory council; and consider a natural gas pipeline project.  

"It was quite heavy in terms of content, a lot to hold our new mayor accountable to." said Boileau.

The change over from one council to the next attracts plenty of attention, especially from people who work closely with local politicians.

"It reflects a growth agenda for our community.  I think we're poised at a very opportune time for this particular agenda." said Fred Gibbons, President of Northern College.

The new mayor said nothing about hosting large scale events such as Stars and Thunder in his speech, but he did tell CTV News that it's not on his radar and it would be up to a community group to organize such an event.