SUDBURY -- A Sudbury company, Bait 2 Go, is growing quickly. It has developed seasonings that are being sold not only in local stores, but right across Canada.

It all started with four local men who love to fish and eat their catch, too. There offer six different outdoor flavours.

"We have taken on some very exciting clients, like Princess Auto, who is now putting our product in all their stores across Canada," said Pat Dubreuil, Bait 2 Go Co-Owner. "Sobey's is one of our better clients -- they were the first ones to take us on, so we are doing very well there. I got a lot of traction with the Metros and Independent Grocers."

Stewart Brown, co-owner and a red seal chef, developed flavours such as lemon pepper dill and crispy Cajun. Brown said the seasonings can be used on anything.

"Fish is a given, but not only fish, it can be used on chicken, chicken wings, chicken fingers, pork, wild game, partridge, grouse, deer, venison, you name it," he said. "Vegetarians are even using it on vegetables as seasonings. It's absolutely incredible."

The company got started with the invention of a bait bucket by founder JR Paquette, a pharmacist by trade and an avid outdoorsman.

'We all like to fish'

"We all like to fish and it progressed from there, from the Bait Bucket to the seasoning," Paquette said. "Its inception was right here in Hanmer, where we started fabricating or inventing the seasoning. And we grew so much from there that we had to get it manufactured in an approved facility down south here in Ontario."

Neil's Independent Grocer in Hanmer carries Northern Flavours and the owner said shoppers are snapping them up.

"The customer's reaction has been fantastic, they originally think it's a fish seasoning but it's good for all types of proteins," said Neil Lindenbach. "On top of that, these guys are from the area and we love supporting local and customers really appreciate us doing business with these gentlemen."

The company has doubled in size in the last two years and has plans to expand into the U.S. market. There is also work being done to develop a gluten-free seasoning.