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Suspect drives truck through front door of Sault business, then surrenders to police

A Sault Ste. Marie police vehicle is pictured in this file photo. (File) A Sault Ste. Marie police vehicle is pictured in this file photo. (File)

A dispute turned violent in Sault Ste. Marie on Monday when a suspect drove their truck through the front door of a business, causing a lot of damage and injuring one person.

The incident began around 2:10 p.m. when 911 operators received calls from both the business and the 34-year-old accused.

“Shortly thereafter, 911 communicators received a report from the business that the accused had driven their truck through the front door of the building and then left the scene,” Sault police said in a news release Tuesday.

“Upon arrival at the business, officers observed significant damage to the building. One victim sustained minor physical injuries from flying glass and received medical attention.”

While police were inside the business surveying the damage, the accused again called 911 and said they were on their way to police headquarters to turn themselves in.

They arrived around 2:35 p.m. and were taken into custody. Charges include assault with a weapon, dangerous driving and mischief over $5,000.

The accused was released on an undertaking and is scheduled to appear in court on Aug. 26.

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