NORTH BAY -- A retired two time Super Bowl champion with the Baltimore Ravens is sending words of encouragement to the players of a North Bay football club during these uncertain times.

The North Bay Bulldogs reached out to former NFL linebacker Ray Lewis to see if he could send motivating words in a video. Lewis jumped on board right away.

"Everything that happens, happens for a reason," said Lewis in the video.

Lewis' inspirational words are still ringing in the ears of North Bay Bulldogs coach Marc Mathon.

"It's irreplaceable. We should be out on this field today, but we're not and the kids know it," said Mathon. "These are kids that want to play ball."

In the video, Lewis encourages the players to stay physically active and to try to remain positive.

"They say I'm retired, but you retire from the game. You never retire from life," said Lewis. "People always say 'you always look ready to play' and I tell them 'I stay ready so I never have to get ready.'"

Lewis was a tough linebacker with the Ravens and recorded over 2,000 tackles. Now, he's using his time lifting spirits.

"Don't let this time get away from you and not use it right," said Lewis. "This is my challenge to the North Bay Bulldogs."

The Bulldogs' season was delayed due to the coronavirus outbreak. Coach Mathon said that he hopes that with the economy beginning to re-open in stages, the football season can begin in July.

"If things turn around and we're able to get out there, we'll give them some kind of football this summer and they're looking forward to it," said Mathon.

Mathon hopes that the words of wisdom from a former professional player will inspire those on his team to train harder than ever before they step back out on the field.

The full video message can be found on the Bulldogs' Facebook page.