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Sudbury MMA making most of virtual learning

Sudbury MMA has been training hundreds of students for the past several years in New Sudbury on mixed martial arts. But since the onset of the pandemic, they've made a push towards virtual and the students are embracing it.

MMA Sudbury student Davis Gibson-Taylor learning virtually. (Courtesy of Linda Heldman)

Laurentian University delaying return to on-campus learning

Laurentian University has announced it is delaying a return to in -person learning due to high numbers of COVID-19. In a letter to the community from its president Robert Haché, it said they are working with local health authorities to create a plan for a staged return that could begin as early as February 7.

Laurentian University says it's doing what it can to help the four people with lab-confirmed cases of COVID-19 currently living on campus. (File)

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  • Bell Fibe: 1230
  • Bell Satellite:  588
  • Cogeco : 9
  • Eastlink (Sturgeon Falls):  5
  • Eastlink (South of North Bay to Novar):  6
  • Shaw Satellite: 643


  • Antenna: 2
  • Bell Fibe: 231
  • Bell ExpressVu: 590
  • Shaw Cable: 11
  • Shaw Satellite: 641
  • Antenna: 5
  • Bell Fibe:  402
  • Bell Satellite:  61, 221
  • Eastlink:  4
  • Shaw Direct:  356(classic), 050(advanced)
  • Vianet:  127SC
  • Bell Fibe:  6
  • Bell Satellite:  589
  • Eastlink:  4
  • Shaw Direct: 642