SUDBURY -- Karen Falldien-Yawney began raising funds for Northern Ontario Families of Children with Cancer Tuesday morning.

She decided to shave her head to raise funds during these difficult times.

“I was inspired by Sarah Kennedy and her son Malleck who was diagnosed with cancer a few years back, he’s inspired me to raise some money for NOFCC as well as numerous friends lately, it touches us all,” said Falldien-Yawney.

The Northern Ontario Families of Children with Cancer (NOFCC) offers supports to northern Ontario families while their children are undergoing cancer treatment.

Dayna Caruso is the executive director of the NOFCC and she says money raised will go towards funding much needed programs.

“When our organization isn’t receiving a lot of donations and you know, it’s hard for people to give so it comes at a great time because our families are in more need than ever right now with all the restrictions they’re under,” said Caruso.

Fundraisers like such as this one mean a lot to families affected by cancer. Including one mother, Sarah Kennedy whose son was diagnosed with cancer. She says NOFCC has been there for her family since the beginning of their journey. 

“For our family example my son missed a lot of school he hardy was able to attend because he would get ill very frequently because of flu and colds going around in the school. He missed a lot of school and they offered tutoring support so that was very helpful in our situation,” said Kennedy. 

Sam Yawney is the president of Golf Sudbury, which manages five golf courses in the city. He says as way to show their support and help raise money for this fundraiser, those involved have started an initiative for golfers.

“In the month of August for every $5.00 donation they make at Timberwolf we will give them $10.00 off their next round. For every $2.50 they donate at Monte Vista and Cedar Green we will give them $5.00 off their next round and they can do it as many times as they wish,” said Yawney. 

Falldien-Yawney says her goal is to raised $10,000 from now until Sept. 26. when she will be shaving her head.