A man who was shot by police after wielding knives and threatening staff at the Sudbury transit terminal this past spring is now free.

Wednesday, a judge released alexander Stavropoulos after he spent 99 days in custody.

The court heard he was depressed and was suffering from marijuana induced psychosis when the altercation happened on April 1st.   The judge heard 25 year old Stavropoulos wanted to kill himself that day and was hoping police would shoot him.

They were called after he tried to break into the security office armed with two knives.  When he was ordered to drop them, he refused and charged at the police officers and was shot.

At one point, court heard that he was chanting "white power".

“Clearly there were mental health issues at play here, the crown saw that and we discussed it and we decided at the end of the day that the best thing for him and for justice itself was for Alexander to get out in the community and get the help that he needs.” said defence lawyer, Nicholas Xynnis.

Xynnis went on to say that his client already got some treatment right after the incident.

“He had already received some up at the hospital because he was injured he went to hospital for about a month, there he got both treatment for his physical injuries and for his mental health issues but obviously there is more work to be done.” said Xynnis.

Stavropolous was facing 13 charges, but he pleaded guilty to one, possession of a dangerous weapon. He was released from jail after serving 99 days and was sentenced to two years’ probation, including recommended treatment for anger management and psychiatric issues.   The court heard he was depressed and was suffering from marijuana- induced psychosis when the altercation happened.

In court, the judge heard that Stavropolous is extremely remorseful, and is currently taking anti-psychosis medication.