SUDBURY -- A Sudbury man is expressing his concerns about GOVA Transit.

Roger Lafortune rides the city bus to and from work and told CTV News he is "constantly" seeing passengers on the bus not wearing a mask.

"It’s a little stressful, sitting on the bus," he said. "You get on the bus and more often than not, there are people without masks on, and they’re not really asked to not have a mask on."

He said what he’s most concerned about is that transit drivers aren’t enforcing the mandatory mask rule.

"Some (drivers) tell me (the passenger) must be exempt, no note is ever shown, I think it’s just an easy way out," Lafortune said. "Some say they don’t want confrontation. I understand, but you’re putting others at risk."

The president of CUPE 4705, Mike Bellerose, who represents transit drivers in Sudbury, said it may not look like their members are enforcing riders to wear masks because usually the bus driver already knows of the rider's medical condition.

"They’re not going to keep questioning the same person when you know they’ve already disclosed," Bellerose said. "If someone asks why some people aren’t wearing masks, you’re not going to share that person's medical condition. It’s just not appropriate."

The current situation has left Lafortune believing city officials need to enforce stricter guidelines.

"No mask, no service, like any other store," he said. "You got no mask, no service. It’s not an insult to you, it’s the law right now."

CTV News reached out to the City of Greater Sudbury for comment from transit officials, but no one was made available for comment.