SUDBURY -- The Sundance Film Festival will air virtually at the end of the month that will include a film featuring Sudbury-based actor 15-year-old Phoenix Wilson.

Wilson, now in grade 10, has been acting since he was four-years-old, and fell involve with it immediately.

“My mom started me when I was really, really young and I just stuck with it because I love it,” he said.

‘Wild Indian’ is about two school aged friends who cover up the murder of a school mate.

“I play Mkwaa, he comes from a very, very dysfunctional family, he has a very rough life at home,” said Wilson.

“That really explains his behaviour and the way he acts.”

In 2019, Wilson flew to Oklahoma to film ‘Wild Indian,’ and his grandfather William accompanied him.

William is Phoenix legal guardian while he is on set.

“He’s at the top of the list, he is. I am very, very proud of everything he has accomplished and I wish him more in the future,” said William Wilson.

And Phoenix enjoys that his grandfather can see the world with him.

“It’s really good because, a lot of kids don’t get to go to a lot of places with their grandfather. And I get to bring him places he’s always wanted to go, but never did.”

The Sundance Film Festival was originally going to be in Utah, but due to the pandemic, it’s being held virtually.

Phoenix said he’s looking forward to watching the premiere with close friends and family.

The Sundance Film Festival takes place from Jan. 28 to Feb. 5, 2021.