A teenager from the Sudbury-area community of Garson is taking a much different approach when it comes to chasing a future in Major League Baseball.

Braydon Robitaille doesn't want to play pro baseball; he has aspirations of becoming a professional umpire.

Robitaille is not your typical 15-year-old.

In a world where video games and playing sports are a huge part of many teen's lives, his friends think it's odd he's learning to be baseball umpire.

"Honestly, they find it a little bit weird that I already know what I want to do when I'm older," said Robitaille.

With only three years on his resume, senior officials say he's quickly developing into a well-rounded umpire

"Rather than get upset, cry about it, go home and never want to umpire again, he's going to ask questions about it. He's not going to get mad, not going to take it out on the team. He's going to keep doing his job," said David Niro, Sudbury Minor Baseball chief umpire

Taking the next step to becoming a MLB umpire is not for everyone. Veterans say there are some things that can't be taught.

"He's got the intangibles. He wants to be here. He's passionate about it. He wants to learn and get better," said Noah Blackwell, Sudbury Minor Baseball Umpire supervisor

While the summer baseball season is shorter compared to southern Ontario, Robitaille is making the most of his umpiring assignments; even doing senior games, involving his father.

"He's very professional for his age," said Rob Robitaille, Braydon's father.

"It’s a senior competitive baseball league. He's umped and I've pitched and it's been a couple of quiet rides home, because he stands by his decisions."

Rob Robitaille said he's been nothing but supportive in his son's desire to pursue umpiring; even if it means he has to leave home to work at the next level, and that is exactly where Braydon is hoping to end up.