SUDBURY -- A motion was passed at Wednesday morning’s meeting of the Greater Sudbury Police Services Board to reduce the 2020 budget, previously submitted to city council, by $250,000.

The original draft included $500,000 to save for a new facility, but as part of Sudbury City Council’s ongoing budget deliberations, a request was sent to the police services board to reduce their budget by that same amount.

After some discussion, the police services board decided to compromise and will now be sending back the revised budget. The revision will see the amount requested to be set aside for the construction of a new police facility cut by half.

According to the Greater Sudbury Police Service, a 2015 facility review conducted by KPMG found numerous inefficiencies in the current headquarters, including officers facing challenges of the number of floors in the building.

"The drive behind it is not about cosmetics. It’s about effectiveness, efficiency, and serving our community properly, and building something that moves our community forward," said Chief Paul Pedersen.

More to come on air and online.