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Sudbury's Junction North International Film Festival doubles in size for 2024


Northern Ontario’s largest documentary film festival recently launched its 2024 season.

The 8th edition of Junction North International Documentary Film Festival is scheduled for April in Sudbury.

Half the films have been announced, with the remainder to be named in mid-March. 

Special funding means there will be free daytime screenings for those older than 60 and students 25 and under.

The festival, organized by Sudbury Indie Cinema, has doubled in size from last year, with more than 30 films playing at three venues.

A regional jury will choose the winning films.

“Junction North is the largest documentary film festival in the region and so we’ve wanted to expand out and have more regional involvement, even though we are based in Sudbury,” said festival director Beth Mairs.

“You’ll get a lens into so many different parts of the world that aren’t just on the Internet. These are real human stories, with so many images attaching, connecting them that are just beautiful, very visceral,” said associate programmer Simone Widdifield, who chose all the films for the festival.

Junction North Film Festival runs April 18-21 at the Sudbury Indie Cinema, as well as Place Des Arts and the Downtown Movie Lounge.

Evening feature single tickets along with all-access passes to the festival are now available online. Top Stories

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