Officials at the Sudbury Pregnancy Care Centre and Infant Food say they have seen a spike in families in need of help.

The centre distributes food and items for babies up to age two.

"Our registrations are going up," said Cherie Bonhomme, director of the Pregnancy Care Centre & Sudbury Infant Food Bank.

"So we are definitely starting to see more people needing our services, especially with the price of gas and how expensive food is more and more families are finding it difficult to feed and clothe their babies."

Officials said there is a particular need for hypoallergenic formula for babies with severe allergies.

"This particular formula when a baby has to be put on it they are considered hypoallergenic so that is the only formula that they could have," said Bonhomme.

"If we were to offer them something else, it would upset their stomachs and it wouldn't be a good thing for them."

The centre is closed until July 18 for routine maintenance, but donations are still being accepted.

"People can come to our centre 1032 Lasalle Blvd. and they can drop off formula at the garage Monday to Thursday 10 until 2," said Claire Robertson, front desk manager.

In preparation, officials said they worked with clients to stock them with enough supplies while they are shut down.

"We notified all of our clients that's we were going to be closed so that they would know to come in during the first three weeks of June and then they can come in the last two weeks of July to get their monthly order," said Robertson.

The infant food bank serves families from places between Manitoulin Island and North Bay. So far and this year, it has helped approximately 300-400 families each month.