SUDBURY -- class="p1" style="margin:0cm;margin-bottom:.0001pt"> There was a great turn-out throughout the day on Saturday at Sudbury’s indoor market, located inside the Southridge Mall. 


A total of 15 vendors were set up throughout the day, including multiple northern farmers. 


“The fact that it is a pandemic, it’s very nice to see a large group of people out that are able to provide an essential service, like food, preserves, fresh mushrooms and greens from the local area. We are very pleased to be here,” said Jon Robertson, with Free Spirit Farmstead. 


Organizers say there are many safety protocols which had to be put in place for the market to operate during the pandemic.


“One of the things that we’ve had to do with the market is limit the social interactions,” said Thomas Merritt, the Chair of the Sudbury Market Board.

“So, we ask people to come in, get what they need and go, and we are looking forward to socializing in the future, we just can’t do it right now.”


Some of the vendors say over the past few years, the winter market has been something they rely on to sell their products, and say they have been overwhelmed with the amount of support they have received during these difficult times.


“Personally, at Salty Dog Bagels, we thrive off the market so we’ve always loved to see the constant flow of people coming in, so it’s been a challenge obviously for everyone but it’s so awesome to see that Sudbury still has people coming to the market and supporting local,” Zoe Valliere, with Salty Dog Bagels.


“It’s a great place for other local businesses to come and make a living and right now during Covid it’s extreme difficult for small businesses to keep running,” said Erin Rowe, with Truly Northern Farms.

“So, I think the farmers market is a great place to local businesses to showcase what’s available even in the winter months in Sudbury.”


CTV spoke with some shoppers who say now that they know the market is open to the public, they plan to make it out on a regular basis to show their support. 


“We want to come most weekends actually, we love it here. I think it’s really important that we step up and look for the places that we can support and get creative with that as well if we can to help them out,” said one shopper.


“Not only do we love supporting local it’s just the quality is incomparable compared to grocery stores. This kale will last me three weeks,” said another shopper.


The market is open from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. every Saturday until June.