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Sudbury’s farmers market moving into huge new space downtown

The Sudbury Market is on the move to Elm Place in downtown Sudbury next month.

Samer Ghazi, asset manager of Elm Place, gave CTV News a tour of the new space.

"This place used to be Designer Depot location at the mall -- during the pandemic they closed,” Ghazi said.

“It's 15,000 square feet and it's right at the entrance of the mall on the Elm Street entrance.

Opening day for the market is Oct. 21. The Downtown Sudbury Business Improvement Association said it's a real boost for the area.

"The impact is exponential," said Kyle Marcus, the managing director of the Downtown Sudbury BIA.

“For the vendors it gives them access to change rooms, washrooms facilities like that. It's pretty much a brand new space. I have been inside -- it's beautiful.”

Samer Ghazi, asset manager of Elm Place Mall, gave CTV News a tour of the farmers market's new space in September. (Alana Everson/CTV News Northern Ontario)

Marcus said the space is needed for the market to expand.

"I know they've been bursting at the seams for a long time with vendors that they are trying to find space for. So this is going to allow us a better shopping experience," he said.


Mall officials said it has worked with Greater Sudbury police in the last year to improve safety at the mall and has enhanced on-site security.

"This Sudbury Market will bring back hope at more retailers at downtown,” Ghazi said.

“It will bring back the people of Sudbury who haven't been downtown since the pandemic. It will bring them back to see how developed it is and how safe it is.”

Mall officials said they expect the market to draw more than 2,500 people every Saturday and confirmed there is room to double the space if required. Top Stories

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