The City of Greater Sudbury is asking residents to provide feedback on the draft Strategic Core Areas Community Improvement Plan (SCACIP).

Community Improvement Plans (CIPs) are a planning tool used by municipalities to revitalize areas of a community through programs, grants and incentives.

The city has undertaken a review of the Downtown and Town Centre CIPs and hopes to replace the two with the new 'Strategic Core Areas' draft.

"So some of the new incentive programs that we’re looking to introduce are the commercial vacancy assistance program; which is to encourage permanent leasehold improvements such as drywall, new flooring; encourage short-term lease improvements to support development in the downtown and town centres," said Melissa Riou, a city senior planner.

"Also within the downtown, we’re looking to introduce a new downtown tenant attraction program in the form of an interest-free loan program -- which would support long-term office improvements in our downtown area."

Other highlights of the proposed SCACIP include:

  • A new 'Superstack' Tax Increment Equivalent Grant (TIEG), which clarifies criteria around stacking of TIEGs
  • A new 20-Year TIEG for a new parking structure in Greater Sudbury
  • The expansion of the Façade Improvement Program to include all façades visible from the public realm
  • Clearer definitions of CIP boundaries
  • Rules around repeat applicants
  • General updates throughout to improve general requirements and descriptions of programs

Public consultation will take place online June 22 from 6 - 7 p.m. and June 23 from 2 - 3 p.m.

City staff told CTV News they hope to have the new plan adopted by September.