SUDBURY -- At the start of every shift, probationary firefighter Jake Barclay checks his self-contained breathing apparatus and says he loves his job.

“I got hired last March so I have been on for just under a year, and so far it’s been amazing. I have had really physically challenging calls, we have had a lot of mentally testing calls so it’s been a good first year to see every aspect of the job,” said Jake Barclay, probationary firefighter.

Right now, the City of Greater Sudbury is hiring ten new firefighters.

“Every year fire services in Greater Sudbury, much like any other employer, experiences attrition within our ranks and so this hire is just due to regular and normal retirements that have occurred and are about to occur within our service,” said acting deputy fire chief Jesse Oshell.

City officials say applicants who get through the qualification process will then undergo aptitude,medical, physical and other testing.

“It is a physically demanding job it is mentally demanding job certainly there is a lot of need for the fire services both in education, prevention, protection but certainly in the emergency response that we provide to the citizens,” said Oshell.

The deadline for applications is March 20.

“Probationary firefighters make approximately $33 an hour. And that can move up from there as they progress into fire class firefighters, captains, platoon chief if they move up into chief officer ranks, as well and they can make upwards of approximately $50 a hour,” said Oshell.

In Ontario, under the Fire Prevention and Protection Act, full-time firefighters must retire at the age of 60.