SUDBURY -- The Sudbury Real Estate Board is taking extra precautions when selling homes across the city amid COVID-19 concerns.

With social distancing requirements, it can be hard to sell a house these days, but the Sudbury Real Estate Board is working hard to make it easier for sellers and buyers. 

Officials say that so far, realtors have not been affected by this pandemic. 

"The stats this week as compared to last week are pretty on par but we're expecting to see a bit of a decline on numbers of listings coming up and sales probably starting next week," said Tyler Peroni, with Sudbury Real Estate Board.

Peroni says his group is still showing homes, but is taking some proactive measures to ensure the safety of staff and member of the public. 

"We're recommending that everyone use hand sanitizer before the showing, wash your hands during the showing and then use disinfectant wipes after. For our seller clients, if at all possible, we are recommending that they leave interior doors and lights on before and after showings to limit be amount of touching that is going on in their house," said Peroni.

One local couple listed their house earlier this week, and they say even with the current health crisis, it has not stopped buyers from looking. 

"We listed it on Monday, weren't really sure what kind of showings we were going to get but have been pleasantly surprised, we've been busy everyday with showings and so far it's gone really well," said Leanne Rock. 

Rock says after they arrive home after their house has been shown, the first thing they do is sanitize. 

"When we get home we disinfect all the door handles, the railings, the countertops, literally as we are walking in the door that's what we're doing and then we continue on with our lives," said Rock. 

The local real estate board is recommending that all agents follow the guidelines that Canada's Public Health Agencies have put in place until further notice.