SUDBURY – The Sudbury Real Estate Board is warning people of a new scam website called PROP2GO.

The website lists rental properties in various cities, but the places are not actually for rent.

"What they're doing is scraping pictures and data from and from our website and different websites across Canada and the U.S. actually, putting them on this site for rent… and when people contact them, they ask to see all their information and forward e-transfer money," said Dreena Gilpin, Sudbury Real Estate Board.

Gilpin said last week alone in Sudbury, there were four houses listed on the website for rent, but the problem is those properties were not for rent, but for sale.

"There's a 3700 square foot house for rent on that site for $1100 a month… you can barely get a one bedroom apartment for $1100 a month. The prop 2 go people are telling them 'I'm away on vacation, just walk around the property and you know, fill out the form and you have to accept it without going in to see it," she explained.

The Greater Sudbury Police say they have received multiple calls about this scam, and say landlords and real estate people should call the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre, but victims can call police.

"If you do fall victim where you give money to this and you know that this is now a fraud later on because you haven't received the keys or find out that the address isn't really for rent, you could contact us," said Kaitlyn Dunn, Greater Sudbury Police Services.

Agents are saying if a rental deal sound 'too good to be true', then it probably is.