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Sudbury police write stunt driving poem

Only days after explaining to the public that children can play basketball outside, the Greater Sudbury Police Service again turned to social media to remind the community not to be speeding on the road with a serious albeit light-hearted post.

Members of the police service have charged a driver for travelling 90km/h in a posted 50km/h residential zone following a recent incident in Greater Sudbury.

In a Facebook post Saturday police shared a poem about the encounter.

“You got a fast car

I want a ticket to anywhere (traffic court)

Maybe we can make a deal (probably not)

Maybe together we can get somewhere (the impound lot)

Any place is better (than a tow bed on the side of the road)

Start from zero, got nothing to lose (but your vehicle for 14 days)

Maybe we’ll make something

Me, myself, I got nothing to lose (except you’ll lose your licence for 30 days)”

The incident resulted in the driver receiving a 30-day licence suspension and the vehicle has been impounded for 14 days.

Drivers convicted of stunt driving can be fined $10,000, jailed up to six months, receive longer licence suspensions, six demerit points and be required to take a driver improvement course.

“We remind drivers that under the Highway Traffic Act speeding by 40 km/h or more in a zone that is less than 80 km/h is considered stunt driving in Ontario.” said police. Top Stories

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