SUDBURY -- It was a bitter harvest for a few legal cannabis growers in Greater Sudbury this fall. Greater Sudbury Police said as of mid-October, they had received six reports of residents having cannabis plants stolen from their properties.

Under Canada's marijuana laws, people are allowed to grow a maximum of four plants for private use only.

Police spokesperson Kaitlyn Dunn said the incidents took place in various areas across the city, including Hanmer, the South End and the Donovan.

"In three of the incidents a single plant was taken," Dunn said in an email. "In one incident, two were taken, one incident three were taken and one incident four were taken."

She said all the incidents took place outside, except for one case in which plants were stolen from a sunroom.

"A couple of the incidents, the individuals involved knew each other and the incidents stemmed from other ongoing issues," Dunn said. "The other incidents, the plants were snatched and the person/people involved fled."

To keep their harvests safe, police advise growers:

- Ensure the plants are not visible to the general public.

- Install motion sensor lighting.

- Install video surveillance equipment.

- Grow your plants in a secured area, such as a fenced yard that is not easily accessible.