Police in Greater Sudbury say they raided a medicinal cannabis dispensary in the community of Capreol this week.

Enforcement officers conducted a compliance check on Tuesday, February 20 at the Capreol Medical Cannabis Center on Young Street.

Police say upon entering the establishment, two plain clothes officers witnessed a 28-year-old male clerk in the process of selling cannabis to two young men. The officers stopped the transaction and arrested the salesperson.

Shortly after, the owner of the store, a 34-year-old woman, was also arrested upon arriving at the facility.

Police seized various amounts of illegal cannabis and cannabis by-products including: dried bud, hash, edibles, CBD and THC oil, and CBD cream, as well as three digital scales and cash.

The approximate street value of the drugs seized is estimated at over $21,000.

An investigation will continue in this case.

Legal retail pot sales don't begin in Ontario until April 1, and will only be allowed for businesses that possess a licence. Until then, the only legal cannabis available is through the provincial government website.

Police also say that any form of CBD products, including oils and edibles, are illegal to purchase or sell.