SUDBURY -- The Greater Sudbury Police Service held their first annual Snowmobile Torch Ride on Sunday.

Roughly 40 sleds took to the trails throughout Greater Sudbury, as a way to raise funds for youth and adults with disabilities.

Terry Houle and his daughter, Danie Houle are avid snowmobile riders and they say they were excited for this event because the funds really do go a long way.

"It means a lot because Danie, my eldest daughter, is a special Olympian and she’s been snowmobiling with me ever since she was a child, she’s been snowmobiling 24 years. She participates in several sports for special Olympics and I hope this is an annual thing," said Terry Houle.

The event is just one of many fundraisers the Greater Sudbury Police Service host in support of the Special Olympics.

"On Mar. 7 we’re doing a polar bear plunge in Sudbury, it’s taking place at Ramsey lake and that’s a very popular event in Sudbury, it raises a large amount of funds for the Special Olympics.

We also do another law enforcement torch ride event with motorcycles, that normally takes place at the end of the summer," said Const. Nolan Windle, with the Greater Sudbury Police Service.

Participants say they came out to not only support the athletes, but also to enjoy the two hundred kilometre ride.

"It’s something that government funding is getting less and less, and runs like this help raise money so that this can continue and it’s really beneficial for them," said Ian Karvonen, participant.

"I just started snowmobiling last year so this will be my longest ride, but these funds really help the children do whatever they want to do, like hockey or soccer or whatever and it’s very important to me" said Rejean Pilon, participant.

The Greater Sudbury Police Service says, with this year's success, they're already planning the event for next year.