SUDBURY -- Officers with the Greater Sudbury Police Marine Unit have been busy making sure boaters who are enjoying the beautiful weather are doing so safely.

"We will be looking for first and foremost (whether) the boat is in good working order," said Const. Kevin Santi, of Greater Sudbury Police Service. "Making sure that all their lights, safety equipment, life jackets, PFDs and stuff of that nature are up to speed and up to standard."

Officers say the most common thing they see each summer is a lack of understanding about  what's required when it comes to safety equipment. 

"They'll have a safety kit, but they have to realize within that safety kit there is a flashlight and to make sure the batteries work that are in inside," Santi said. "There are fines associated for those things."

Santi says even though he is seeing fewer boats right now due to the pandemic, he is expecting the boating season will be like any other.

For the Marine Unit during the pandemic they have to approach boaters in a different way. 

"As long as the physical distancing is in place, it'll be a definite challenge in regards to doing the proper enforcement especially if we have to board a vessel to do an inspection," said Santi.

Officials with Greater Sudbury Police say on May. 22, a total of 20 vessels were inspected and five warnings were issued for safety equipment and licensing.