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Sudbury part of province-wide ‘Enough is Enough’ day of action

On Saturday, the Sudbury & District Labour Council held a rally to raise awareness about the problems being caused by the high cost of living and other challenges.

It was part of a province-wide ‘Enough Is Enough’ day of action.

"I think it comes down to having real wage increases, real investments in public institutions such as health care and education," said D'Arcy Gauthier of the Sudbury and District Labour Council.

“We need housing made as a human right -- it's not a commodity.

The Ontario Nurses' Association Local 13 represents 2,500 registered nurses and health care professionals in Sudbury. Reps at the rally said they were also there to speak for patients.

"The people who have the money to pay will get health care and those that don't will not," said Kelly Latimer, co-ordinator of ONA Local 13.

“And the wait times are not going to get any shorter -- they are just going to get longer.”

Unions representing teachers and educators were there to rally against what they call the continuous underfunding of schools.

"Since 2018, there has been an average of about $1,200 less per student and this is inconsistent with the cost of living and the cost of running schools. Everything since COVID started has gone up," said Eric Laberge, president of OSSTF District 3.

Local MPPs said they were at the rally to show their support and to speak to people about barriers and burdens they face.

"Not being able to afford groceries, not being able to afford a place to rent, not being able to afford a starter house and they are fed up with government not doing anything about this,” said Sudbury MPP Jaimie West.

“Not looking into the price gouging that is happening. Not doing anything about wage freezes workers are facing, especially in the health care industry and the public sector."

"Ninety-nine per cent of people who voted, voted to say we want publicly delivered health care system. We don't want the private system to come to Ontario," said Nickel Belt MPP France Gélinas.

Organizers said the rally in Sudbury was one of two dozen held across the province Saturday. Top Stories

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