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Sudbury, Ont. featured in new Jane Goodall movie playing at IMAX


For decades, Jane Goodall has been a household name as a leading activist with her work with chimpanzees in Tanzania and now, she is returning to Sudbury with a new film featuring local environmental efforts.

Jane Goodall at Science North and Sudbury for world premiere of her new IMAX film 'Jane Goodall - Reasons for Hope' which highlights Sudbury's regreening efforts. May 30/23 (Supplied)

Now, at nearly 90 years old, Goodall is telling a story of hope in the movie while reminding audiences there is still lots of work that needs to be done.

She was at Science North in Sudbury on Tuesday for the launch of her new IMAX film 'Jane Goodall – Reasons for Hope.'

"We humans are not exempt from the extinction of species. We’re in the sixth great extinction now and if we don’t get together and try and do something to make a difference, then we’re doomed," she said.

The film’s director David Lickley said, "This is her story and her story that she tells in first person and she personally narrates, that’s a really different approach and I think it’s perfect for her, she needs to have a voice."

The film highlights four stories of activism that are making a difference around the world.

One is Sudbury’s work to re-green the city as well as cleaning the 300 local lakes, polluted during years of mining in the area.

Young minds from around the region got a sneak preview of the film and said they have been inspired.

"I was really inspired to hear about the stories that she’s had and the experiences and the influences she’s made on younger people," said Jane Walker, a grade 10 Sudbury student who was at the preview.

The film was developed in part by the team at Science North.

Officials said it showcases the good work that is being done in our region to revitalize our natural surroundings.

"To see all those amazing tie-ins to what is happening right here at home in Sudbury, but also across Canada is really a storyline that we tried to show in the film," said Science North CEO Ashley Larose.

"And too, we hope is a take away that people will feel pride that the work happening here in Canada is really world-class."

Jane Goodall in Sudbury (Science North)

Local researcher John Gunn was featured in the documentary for his work in Sudbury and said Laurentian University is launching the Jane Goodall research fellowship in biodiversity conservation.

"She gives us the hope that she asks the students to have as well," Gunn said.

"The most important value is respect, respect for other people, other cultures, other animals and the environment," Goodall said.

The film is 43 minutes long and will officially open to audiences at Science North on June 3. Top Stories

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