SUDBURY -- A not-for-profit organization in Sudbury is launching a new campaign for the month of February, hoping it spreads awareness of their mission.

Inner-City Home of Sudbury’s ‘Loving Hands Campaign’ has a goal of $20,000, which will mostly be spent on filling the shelves of its two food banks. But, Jennifer Grooms, the executive director, is also hoping it can raise awareness about the services offered. 

“Inner-City Home has been in existence for over 34 years and people are just starting to get the idea of who we are and what we do.” she says. “We’re more than just a food bank. We provide all sorts of resources to folks who are struggling. Those first time-users, we often help them with other things as well," she adds.

As well as food banks, Inner-City Home offers a variety of courses that offer self-improvement options. Grooms is hoping that not only will Sudburians demonstrate their generosity with the campaign, but that word-of-mouth will help spread its goals. 

“We all sit in a place of privilege. We’re very fortunate. Everyone here is very fortunate and with that fortune comes power and it’s the power to help others and I’m just making a call to action to our community to really recognize those that are struggling and recognize that it’s mental health week here in Sudbury and help those in need. Food brings people into our agency and then our volunteers find out what else they need help with.” she explains. 

In 2019, the Inner-City Home’s two food banks had record numbers of use, seeing 2,519 children supported. 

The campaign will end with ‘The Loving Hands Campaign Gala’ on Feb. 29th at the Steel Workers Hall in Sudbury. Tickets are $100. 

If you would like more information you can contact 705-675-7550.